Gym – Covid rules and booking

We are pleased to say our Gym has reopened. Due to COVID, there are a number of new rules and restrictions in place. Please see below for details and how to book your slot.


Instructions For Gym Members


A risk assessment has taken place in order to re-open the Gym.


Please adhere to the following regulations for your own safety and that of other members of this facility.


  • All users must book a session on completing the form below or by calling 07742 943171.
  • Bookings will be for 1.5 hours with a maximum of 2 sessions per week initially to accommodate members. This can be increased dependant on foot-flow.
  • On entry to the Gym please use the sanitiser provided.
  • In order to cover the requirement of Track and Trace, members must enter your name, address, contact telephone number and e mail address on the form within the web site. A form will also be available on the notice board.
  • Toilets and washrooms are currently closed for members. Alternative toilet facilities will be available and details published on the gym notice board.
  • The equipment has been split to accommodate 5 members in the main gym allowing for social distancing. In addition, 1 person is able to use the Cardio-Vascular room (adjacent to the Men’s washroom) or 2 from the same household. REMEMBER TO WIPE DOWN THE EQUIPMENT ONCE USED IN READINESS FOR THE NEXT MEMBER.
  • Members should complete their workout after 1 hour allowing time to spray and wipe down the equipment you have used in readiness for the next member. Sprays and paper towels will be provided. This cannot be stressed enough if we are to keep the Gym open.
  • The first booking of the day will be 6 am with the final booking at 6.30pm.
  • Members should bring their own water bottles and towels.
  • For your safety, the Gym will close at 1pm for a clean and vacuum spray with a full clean at 8pm.


Cameras are in operation.


Finally, your co-operation is requested to assist in keeping the Gym clean to ensure this facility remains open. Remember it is a Members Gym.