We will be, once again bringing you one of the best displays in the area, working with our usual fantastic fireworks display crew. Last year we made it exclusively a drive-in event and it was a great success (thanks to everyone who came and sent us lovely words!), so the drive-in element will be in play this year too.

All being well, we will be opening a food court as well as our beer garden…

Drive in display

The drive-in ticket is for you and up to FIVE other occupants in your vehicle access to the site. Your large parking space will give you a great view of the fireworks. You are welcome to get out of your car, stand, sit on deckchairs, etc. in your marked area, you will also have access to all food and drink outlets we have on site.

Food and Drink

On site we will have a few independent food sellers offering a range of hot food including pizzas, smashed burgers and imported German Bratwursts. There will be a sweets stall and our bars will be open.


We are pleased to be able to welcome residents of Kirkby Lonsdale to walk up to the club to watch the fireworks. With Ruskin’s View closed please stick to the pavements and follow the instructions of our Marshalls as you get closer to the club.

You pay at the gate. its £5 per person or £15 for a family of 4, children under 2 are free.


You must purchase your tickets via the website. Tickets will not be for sale on the night. We offer a range of tickets which are per vehicle. To purchase your ticket you will need the registration number of each vehicle you are coming in at the time of purchase. Armed with your reg number(s), please select your chosen ticket(s) at the bottom of page.


ZONE 2 – £20

ZONE 3 – £15

ZONE 4 – £20

Just to be clear – You must read this section before continuing to purchase tickets.

Arrival – you must print off the ticket which is unique to your car. The ticket, will be emailed to you closer to the date. You must print the ticket, which is A4 paper size, and it must be displayed on your dashboard as you arrive to enable our parking attendants to see it and keep the traffic moving as efficiently as possible. Vehicles arriving without the ticket on the dashboard will be directed to our ‘holding’ pool to be processed.

Allocation of spaces – on arrival you will be directed to your space, we can’t hold you spaces to be next to friends etc, our parking attendants will be working as fast as they can to get you parked, to minimise the disruption to our neighbours and to avoid bottlenecks wherever possible. In total there will be over 20 volunteers working to get everyone parked ASAP.

Leaving Early – If, for some reason, you have to leave before the end of the display, you must put on your hazard lights and one of our attendants will come and escort you off the area.

Size of spaces – each space is 6m x 4m. plenty of room for your car and for you and your bubble to get out of the car, set up deck chairs, sit on your car, sit on the grass, etc.

Leaving Afterwards – OUR PLAN WORKED SUPERBLY! For the plan to work again this year and everyone to leave safely and as quickly as possible, please wait with you car until an Attendant tells you to move.

Zone amendments – In certain circumstances, such as bad weather affecting the ground, we reserve the right to amend your zone without prior notice. In this instance we will not be able refund the difference.

Refunds – Only in the event that the government makes the event unlawful, will monies be refunded. Tickets purchased are not transferable.

Our volunteers – A big thank you to all our volunteers, more than ever for this year’s display. They will be preparing the site, directing traffic, preparing and serving food, looking after all our guests, securing the boundaries, being safety marshalls, all giving up their time to help you.